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Monday, November 02, 2015

4xFour - Chef Paco Morales

Having attended the 4xFour event at the White Rabbit, with Michelin Chef Paco Morales doing the culinary honours, I thought it was time to do a quick review of the experience. I have eaten at the White Rabbit a couple of times and could never fault the venue or service or even their own menu which is always solid and recommended for anyone to try, you won’t be disappointed.

This 4xFour event however failed to impress. In hindsight maybe our expectations of Chef Paco Morales given his Michelin status where simply set too high. Overall everyone at our table was disappointed with the meal and agreed that this was simply not money well spent. It's such a shame because it has to be said that we were all very much looking forward to it.

1st Course
Puerta del Perdón
handmade pastry, presented in the Door of Forgiveness motif with chive mayonnaise and local herbs paired with a complimentary glass of Badoit.
It was basically a poorly dressed up Chinese cracker. Tasteless and oily. Not sure what the actual goal of this little starter was suppose to be but the blank faces at our table summed it up. The Badoit never appeared. On the 4xFour facebook page they refer to this food item as legendary, clearly they need to revisit the definition of the word as it simply did not apply. It was a novelty and not much more.
(1 out of 10)

2nd  Course
Aubergine Fritter
fresh brioche with an aubergine purée, cane syrup gelee and delicate edible flowers.
This at least was interesting. The combination worked well and texture and flavour while not intense played against each other nicely. The delicate edible flowers failed to make an appearance but for this morsel we forgave. It was a unique starter, not only looking good but tasting as good as it looked with the slight sweetness of the gelee helping to elevate and balance the flavours well.
(6 out of 10)

3rd Course
Turmeric & Sea Bream
turnip pudding with turmeric, lemon and crisp sea bream.
I was looking forward to this dish and the presentation was on point. But that's where it stopped. The sea bream was not crisp at all. In fact it was simply coated in flour and fried, but badly. The taste of flour overpowered the delicate taste of sea bream completely leaving nothing but a floury aftertaste. The turnip pudding with turmeric was tasteless which had us all wondering if there was any salt or pepper in the kitchen. To top it all off it was doused in a lemon and soy sauce that was just way too harsh to the palette. The clash of lemon and soy sauce quite simply did not work at all. This dish failed to impress anyone at our table and none of us could finish it. Had the Chef used pickled ginger juice and a much lighter soy sauce  it might have worked out better as a euorpean play on chawanmushi, but as it stood it failed miserably I am sorry to say.
(2 out of 10)

4th Course
Vegetable Stew
textures of seasonal vegetables, cooked with different techniques, served in a beef broth with tahini and saffron
After the last course we were on guard. Again presentation was on point but when we looked at the dish we were wondering where the broth was, even stopping the waiters to ask if they had forgotten it. In the end it had been substituted for a sort of pork flavoured gelee (or so we were informed). Again a complete lack of seasoning killed this dish, although the over cooked vegetables didn't help it either. There was no slight crunch left in any of them and that freshness that you would expect as a result fell flat. The different techniques where also not apparent at all to any of us and too much saffron left a bitter after taste. The gelee was just that, gelee, bland and tasteless. Once again none of us finished this dish.
(2 out of 10)

5th Course
Perfect-Imperfect Corn
sphere of corn mousse filled with crab and smoked herring caviar, dusted with smoked bacon powder
This was interesting. The crab and smoked herring caviar where indeed served under a dome of corn mousse. And then a hot corn sauce was poured over it dissolving the delicate mousse shell. I'm not sure if it was suppose to be a play on hot/cold, but the main components where simply too cold, icy almost and cooled down the sauce far too quickly. While the corn sauce had full flavour the other ingredients in the dish where quite simply bland. Although we can respect the technique here and the artistry in terms of presentation, the balance of flavours was just off with the sauce becoming an over powering element so much so that the delicate taste of crab and smoked caviar were completely buried as a result.
(5 out of 10)

6th Course
Roasted Pigeon
slow roasted pigeon with handmade polenta gnocchi served in a rich pigeon broth
Elegant and simple presentation. Pigeon was cooked perfectly for me but many people in Asia are not use to this poultry and the medium raw cook turned the rest of my table off this dish. That said the rich pigeon broth wasn't rich, wasn't a broth and was instead merely a smear on the plate. I could have done with more to elevate this dish and add a counterpoint flavour to really make the gamey flavour of the pigeon stand out more. As it was, it was simply a well seasoned roast pigeon. I had much higher expectations given Chef Paco Morales Michelin status, but clearly he was aiming for simplicity here because that's what we got.  It's such a shame because given the little exposure this poultry has had in Asia this could have been a culinary sensation. Instead what we got was a very simply roast pigeon dish with no frills. Disappointing.
(6 out of 10)

7th Course
Orange Blossom & Ginger
orange cake with orange blossom water infused with basil and ginger
Without doubt the show stealer. Presentation was perfect and the touch of basil really helped the delicate taste of orange blossom to shine through. Deliciously light sponge and orange blossom ice cream added to the experience. The ginger element wasn’t' really present for me which is just as well as orange blossom is such a delicate flavour that it could have all to easily been over powered. As it was this was a perfect dish. Well balanced and flavourful. We all wanted more.
(10 out of 10)

8th Course Textures of Carob
carob 3 ways: as a mousse, as an ice cream and as a sablé served with a Pedro Ximénez slush
Unfortunately the only good element on this dish was the ice cream. Everything else just didn't work. The sable, and the small cake where both chalky and the after taste was far too bitter. One taste was enough and then it was reach for a drink as your mouth dried out instantly as though all moisture had been sucked from it. I'm not a carob fan myself, I have always found the taste to be too harsh. Apart from the ice cream that proved to be true for this dish and once again no one at my table finished the other elements. A really disappointing end to a disappointing meal.
(4 out of 10)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

City Harvest Criminals

And so City Harvest megachurch scandal (as reported by the BBC News) starts to wind down after so many years and the accused have been found guilty and are no longer accused but rather criminals in the eyes of the law (one must now assume given the verdict). Although lets be honest as I’m pretty sure the world already found them guilty of bad taste with their Crossover project to begin with, never mind the criminal breach of trust with respect to the $50m.

The whole Crossover project was effectively a scheme to fund Ms Ho's career and spread the gospel through her music. I mean did anyone listen to the trash that Ms Ho actually produced. China Wine and Kill Bill to name but two which are so terrible that I’m still expecting Wyclef Jean to jump out of the shadows and shout out “you’ve been punk’d”. How could anyone of this cults (sorry but I can’t in good conscious refer to it as a church) members consider any of these songs as gospel, or even remotely christian for that matter given the subject matter and lyrics of these two songs along. 

Indeed Ms Ho - who was not on trial is reported to have said in a statement that the church leaders had "placed our faith in God and trust that whatever the outcome, He will use it for our good". And the out powering of “God Bless” and well wishes from this cults members clearly shows a complete disconnect to the real world, which lets face it is pretty much the kind of response you would expect from cult members anyway.

I really don’t understand this cult. I don’t understand how people can be sucked into it or even donate such large sums of money to it to begin with. How does that even happen. Is there a certain kind of individual that is more susceptible to their kind of influence, or so insecure in their own mortality that they clutch at anything that provides them with the option of eternal life (albeit a spiritual one).  And why are they happy to throw millions of dollars at it even though it’s impossible to buy your way into heaven. After all I firmly believe that God has absolutely no interest in material wealth whatsoever. Obviously the cult seems to have a different view on the matter, and people are subscribing to it.  It totally baffles me. 

Do these people openly admit they are member of this cult. I mean if I met someone and they told me they where it would almost be enough for me to turn around and walk away. And you may think that’s a bit of a strong reaction but lets face they have to be so brain washed on any manner of subjects that having a normal conversation with them on social or religious issues would most likely be a strain. 

And while I would never profess to be angel in any shape or form, after all lets face it which of is, I’m pretty certain that there’s gonna be a few refused entry when they knock on the pearly gates. If not for the criminal offences they have committed certainly for their taste in music.

Meanwhile here's a suggested read for you. It's a post by a former member of this cult titled "9 Reasons Why The City Harvest Church is the Devil to Me". Have a read through and see how many WTF moments you have.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Bush

I was recently reminded, after a discussion with a friend of mine, of one of my pet hates and while it may be true I have been lucky enough not to encounter this situation in many years, I know many of you out there have not been as lucky and share this particular hate with probably as much passion, if not more in some cases.

So what am I talking about? 

I am talking about the bush. Of course I don’t mean the bush as in the wonderful green leafy variety, I mean the kind that springs out of peoples underwear and practically attacks you. I am not talking about pubic hair, lets be clear pubic hair has its place, but when it becomes so overgrown and unkempt it literally bursts out of someones underpants and attacks you it has reached a stage that is beyond acceptable.

No girl likes to find a bush on another girl, or a guy, or a guy on a guy or a guy on a girl. It’s just one of those unwritten rules that everyone should already be aware of …. keep it groomed. Keep it neat. Keep it trimmed and tidy. It is not under any preservation order, it is not a wildlife sanctuary (although in some case you have to wonder) and more importantly than all of that a bush is a complete turnoff.

No one want’s to pick hair from their teeth half way through the evening lets face it that is a total mood killer, and no one wants to pretend to be Moses parting the red sea looking for some hidden treasure. I mean seriously there is just no reason for having a bush to begin with unless you are trying to enter the Guinness Book of Records for one of the their more obscure titles in which case you should be warning people about it before they discover it for themselves. 

So, keep it groomed. Keep it short and neat. When someone rips off your underwear they should find the holy grail by default and not need to send out a search party. Shave it, wax it, trim it, get creative with different shapes (and or colours if that's your thing), whatever tickles your fancy or you think might tickles someone else. But lets be clear no-one likes a bush. 

Apart from whatever might be lurking there, do you know that the groin area is one of the sweatiest parts of the body. Just thinking about it I can feel my gag reflex kicking in. So as much as a well groomed pubic area is for aesthetic reasons, it is also a matter of personal hygiene. As much as someone may put their dislike of bush aside to enjoy the moment (well if you've gone that far you might as well continue) if they have to come up for air then they sure as hell won't be going down again. 

So if you fall into the un-groomed category of people let me just tell you up front that when it comes to that romantic moment there is a very high probability that you are going to totally gross your partner out because despite what you may think it really isn’t a pretty sight. In addition while you may have that fantastic one time experience you are killing your chances of having a repeat performance. Because lets face it the majority of people do not like bush, true there are people with fetishes but that's a different topic.

So, with that said, go to your local shop, buy that trimmer you have been thinking about and get grooming.

Monday, July 20, 2015

I Spy Someone Spying

I always have a good laugh when I see a headline online or in the news about such and such a country found spying on such and such as fact. The latest doing the rounds is of course the one claiming the US spied on 3 French presidents.

I mean in what world do people think this isn't happening? What country in the world is not actively spying on its neighbour or wheeling and dealing behind the scenes to gain some sort of political advantage. What country isn't looking to obtain secrets in one way or another? This isn't a big conspiracy theory, I mean we already have internet and satellites and God knows what levels of access governments can achieve with all of the latest technology available to them. And you can rest assured that whatever technology they have available is way ahead of what the public has knowledge of.

So why is anyone surprised when some of this knowledge becomes fact.

Rest assured if you are a public figure, or a politician or anyone of interest (for which the definition is no doubt ever changing as the search algorithms get ever more advanced) you can pretty much be certain that someone, somewhere, somehow is looking over your shoulder. The espionage business is no doubt a booming one, in fact its progress probably outstrips every other technology achievement globally. But of course we'll never know for sure, and we can only guess at the millions upon millions spent on this secret industry.

We will only get hints from whistle blowers or as suspicions become proven in fact and then begins the public outcry, or in espionage circles no doubt it becomes a walk of shame, after all if you where any good you wouldn't have got caught would you. So if the claim that the US spied on 3 French presidents is actually proven, then you have got to ask what are they doing that we don't know anything about. And if the US Are doing it  well you can rest assured that pretty much every country in the world is.

Yes espionage exists throughout the globe, whether its governments spying on governments or governments spying on their own citizens, and what we hear is certainly only the merest tip of the iceberg.

So when some of that becomes known I don't understand why anyone is surprised.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

God and the Gay Christian

I don’t usually support religion in any way since I have found it to be for the most part confrontational, irrational and contradictory. Indeed when you have a community of Christians who quite literally go out of their way to antagonise minority members of it’s own community by attempting to push it’s beliefs as a social norm disguised as “family values” you have to wonder just what is wrong.

Growing up I had been under the impression that Christianity was about love, acceptance and belief, but clearly that is no longer the case and the message I had thought I had understood as a child now seems perverted and twisted out of context. I guess growing gay gives you a new perspective.

So, It came as a surprise to come across Matthew Vines and his Reformation Project. It’s mission is to train Christians to support and affirm lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. They strive to create an environment in which Christian leaders will have the freedom to take the next steps toward affirming and including LGBT people in all aspects of church life. And that’s no small ambition if the vile hateful things many Christians seem to say about LGBT people is to ever change. But it’s certainly welcome. Its something I’ve thought about myself, after all lets face it the Bible is a book full of contradictions. And yet, here is someone who is helping people navigate through them so that they can manage those hurdles and lead a more accepting lifestyle as a result. That has got to be admired.

No doubt the Christina fundamentalists will be up in arms, but then it’s quite difficult to ignore someone who is using the very book you are and just looking at it in a way that allows them to reconcile their sexuality with their religious convictions rather than verbally abuse others because they don’t follow your inherently flawed perception of normal.

So hat’s off to you Matthew Vine and I hope that your message is spread far and wide, there’s certainly a few individuals in Singapore that could do with listening to what you have to say although I doubt they would ever admit it, but maybe if they did they would have a little more colour in their wa

You can watch a video of Matthew explaining his views on YouTube or if you prefer you can read a transcript of the video instead, it's rather long but worth taking a look at all the same. Either way, enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

FCBC Wear White

Pink Dot, an annual event celebrating the freedom to love regardless of sexual orientation, was held here in Singapore on Saturday 13th June with a huge turnout of 28,000 people.

And while 28,000 people came together in the spirit of friendship and to express their support for the freedom to love by wearing pink, it would seem that LoveSingapore, a network of about 100 churches, called on members to turn up for services over the same weekend dressed in white in protest.

Network chairman and Faith Community Baptist Church senior pastor Lawrence Khong was quoted by media as saying: “It’s a powerful statement of our belief. The natural family is a universally accepted norm and a public good.” Obviously there are at least 28,000 people who would like to differ, not to mention many other countries around the world, including the predominantly Christian and catholic community of Ireland which became the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriages.

So I guess Lawrence Khong has his head buried in the sand and is ignoring the world around him.

“I want to pray that we will continue to wear white as long as there is pink, and we will wear white until the pink is gone, and even if the pink is gone we will continue to wear white,” Khong is also quoted as saying. Well again we can clearly see the ignorance of the individual. Pink will never be gone because there will always be LGBT members of society. In fact that statement is actually a little worrying to be honest as it's almost hostile in its intent. Maybe he's a little pissed off because almost 3 times the amount of people wore Pink compared to white this year. In my opinion he does kind of come off as being a little disturbed, almost manic even.

Khong added: “My prayer, my dream is that the day will come where in this weekend half or three-quarters of Singapore’s population will be wearing white as a statement of commitment to the family.” Well guess what, the rest will still be wearing Pink. And they are still members of society and always will be. That fact that you continue to spew such nonsense should clearly worry your congregation. Meanwhile, the fact that you have a congregation to begin with of course should probably worry everyone else.

In his sermon, he decried the “homosexual act” as “the greatest blasphemy against the name of God” and said that “a union between a man and woman is the highest expression of the very image of God”. What a load of antiquated rubbish. Sorry, but I have to call it that since in my opinion that's exactly what it is. It just sounds like pure evangelistic pulpit rhetoric aimed at inflaming passions and nothing more. It's also such an outdated view that it shows how deeply in the sand Lawrence Khong has his head buried.

“I’m concerned about the moral majority, people who are Christians especially, who believe that it’s wrong, but who (are) just too cowardly to stand up and make a statement,” he added. And now he brings out the whip to target other Christians who may be on the fence on the issue and calls them cowards directly acting them and their personal beliefs. It's quite sad really and I feel sorry for the people who have to listen to all the nonsense he talks. In my opinion any good Christian, and I know many in my life, would walk away from this man's influence and quite frankly laugh in his face. In fact the whole of Ireland has just done that recently I might add.

And then we have Daniel Foo who is reported to have told media "Every human being is precious and loved by God and hence we extend our love for all. However, we will continue to stand firm as one to express our support for pro-family values and the preservation of our moral norms for the well-being of our society.” Personally speaking, and pointing out the Singapore is a secular society, I find it disturbing that these religious organisation would even attempt to have their values and beliefs integrated into the larger society as a social norm. In fact everyone in Singapore should stand up and take note.

So, to the people of Singapore you all need to wake up because these people are extremely vocal and that should worry you. And to the 28,000 people who attended Pink Dot don't let it stop there because if you do people like Lawrence Khong and Daniel Foo will hold influence in our society and that should not be allowed to happen.

And lastly to the people of Ireland. Thank you for showing the entire world the true meaning of Christian values.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mobile Game Adverts

The mobile gaming community needs a kick up the arse. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of excellent games out there that are worth paying for, but unfortunately there are even more so called "free" games that are nothing more than a bunch of adverts glued over a shell of a game.

I mean seriously who the hell clicks on adverts these days. The only advert I’ve ever clicked on has been by mistake. And any game that I load that has too many of the damned things is immediately deleted and the developer put on my ignore list for future reference.

Maybe the younger generation click on them because they look interesting, but since they are not the ones who are actually paying for the games in the first place it’s kind of stupid. And maybe game developers already know this and are specifically targeting minors with their brand of advertising which if it ever proves to be true would make those same adverts (not to mention game developers) even more deplorable.

No-one minds paying for a good game (emphasis on good there by the way, and yes I appreciate that it’s an individual assessment) for a reasonable price, and indeed I have done that a few times myself just specifically to get rid of those same annoying adverts.

By all means give me a limited free game so I can test it out and decide if its a game I want to spend money on. But keep the adverts to a minimum, and discreet. There’s just no need for anything else, none because to be honest I’m never, I repeat never, going to click on them unless it’s completely by accident.

If the various app stores in existence were required to identify if a game had adverts in it (just like they do for in-app purchases) I can bet that a lot less people would be inclined to download them in the first place. In fact maybe that should be the next thing everyone should push for so we can decide to install a game in full knowledge that our senses will be assailed by a plethora of adverts.

And while games may harp on about 900,000 downloads so far, they don’t tell you that there was 899,999 uninstalls because their game was so full of adds it had the playability factor of a block of wood. So maybe we should also show the uninstall record of a specific game too, another indicator of a game to avoid like the preverbal plague.

Yes, in-game adverts on mobile games are a pain in the neck, so much so that I don’t actually bother with mobile games anymore. I still think all games should carry a “Adverts Warning” so that everyone has a choice upfront to decide if they want to install it or not on that basis.

Of course, I can guess why that would never happen, I mean who would actually install a game if they knew up front it had a whole bunch of adverts embedded in it, yep, so what does that tell you.

Stupid adverts, game developers just haven’t a clue what is really killing their revenue.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Singapore's Armchair Politicians

I have to admit to being sick and tired of all of the anti-governement and anti-PAP noise on the internet in Singapore recently. While I can understand the root cause, lets face it when a 16 year old gets arressted and charged for ranting there's something terribly wrong, the point is these same people aren't doing anything in the real world to effect change.

A like on facebook does absolutely nothing in the real world. A comment on facebook does absolutely nothing in the real world. And while at the the time both may give us a "Feel Good" moment for doing or saying the right thing, it's a moment in time that is lost in cyber space without any impact in the real world. None, and anyone who thinks it does are simply deluding themselves.

The elections are next year so if people aren't already reaching out to the opposition parties to understand their agenda's and how they will do things differently and to support them openly then nothing will change. If these same people are not convincing their family, their relations and their friends to vote the right way then don't be surprised when the results finally come in.

Personally I am predicting that PAP will win with a landslide again. Yah, they may lose 1 or 2 seats and give everyone the .... "we have woken up speach, we hear you Singapore"... but it's all smoke and mirrors. They are simply not going to change. Everything they have been doing will continue and everything that they have ignored will continue to be ignored. For each election they have given promises laced with threats about who gets priority for HDB upgrades. Many people will just vote them in as before for that reason.

Many will vote them in because they don't want the pain of change (and yes it will be painful not that it's going to happen of course), and thats just a stupid reason to vote for them.

And if after PAP get elected again I hear one person complain about it within ear shot I'm going to slap them, seriously. Because if they are not working to create change then there will be none.

Say what you want about the late Lee Kuan Yew but he brought change, and without him every Singaporean needs to step up to the plate and be the change that they want to see happen.

So all of you armchair politicans get the hell of your collective butt and do something in the real world to help things change (it isn't going to happen online), be the voice for change, support the opposition party of your choice with the same levels of passion and commitment that the late Lee Kuan Yew had for Singapore, you can do no less!.

And if not, then you all know what to expect, it's really that simple.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Singapore After Lee Kuan Yew

As the Singapore moves on from the funeral of Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew (LKY), no doubt we can expect some new publications celebrating the life of the man who has been called by many as the founding father of Modern Singapore.

It is a lofty title and one some Singaporeans believe is not quite as deserving as it seems. After all in 1965 Singapore wasn’t a back water fishing town, indeed it was already a thriving metropolis with a solid transportation infrastructure, health care, school system and so on and certainly far ahead of its’ neighbours too in many of these areas. 

Lets face it LKY certainly did have a hand in continuing the blue print that was laid out and to forge Singapore as it is today. And yes its' also true he didn’t do this alone and if credit is to be given to him as a leader then let credit also fall to the many individuals behind the scene who performed all of the actions that made it possible for Singapore to continue to grow. Nevertheless LKY deserves nothing less than our respect for being the leader that he was. He was the man his country needed him to be for the time that he lived in, and his love for his country and his desire to see it prosper was one of his driving forces.

Indeed, there are also many stories of how ruthless a leader LKY was of how he never gave his enemies a chance. In fact some never even saw it coming and ended up in Jail as a result or banned forever from their home, their own stories now blacklisted from Singapore’s bookshelfs. One day that may change and perhaps we can lift up the hood a little a learn a little more about the real Singapore but for now those stories will remain hidden, locked away for fear of how Singaporeans themselves may take them.

LKY also helped to form the PAP, a democratic party that has been in power for so long that some people believe it will never change.  And although the world has moved on since 1965 the party still seems to employee the same heavy handed tactics of old. The vote for us or you won’t get your HDB upgraded approach and the squashing of the media that has lead to Singapore being ranked 150th out of 180 countries globally in the Worldwide Press Freedom Index in 2014 still continues today.

There is no minimum wage in Singapore and yet despite that fact that in 2014 the Cost of living survey ranked Singapore 1st, as in the most expensive city in the world to live. There is a clear divide between the earning power of individuals in Singapore, and many at the lower end are in fact Singaporeans themselves. And while there are the plus sides like CPF, a fund that is in essence each Singaporeans retirement policy, as the community continues to age the government have made sure that it won’t have to foot the bill for elderly care by making it mandatory to maintain a minimum amount there forcing many elderly Singaporeans back into the workforce in order to survive.

So yes, LKY may have been one of the founding fathers of Modern Singapore and helped to make Singapore what it is today. But that still needs to improve and change with Singaporeans being put first, ahead of the needs of the country. That won’t happen with PAP which is still continuing with the same tired old polices of old, a party that has become so entrenched in Singapore that removing it and replacing it with any other is a herculean task and one that will cause a year of disruption if not more, and to say that of any political party is a very scary thing indeed. Many will vote for PAP out of habit, others out of fear of that very change itself and the fallout that will ensue. All wrong reasons for voting for PAP of course, but then the good reasons are much fewer than they use to be.

So, farewell LKY, thank you for your help to bring this country to where it is today. But now it’s time for change, for a new leader to emerge who will put Singaporeans first and find the balance between maintaining a country and it’s citizens that in my opinion has been lacking for so long. Here’s to the next generation of politicians, it is time to make yourselves known. And I wonder who the next leader will be who can fill the shoes of LKY and lead Singapore to the next stage of its maturity in this shrinking global economy. Who will put it’s citizens first, and profits second. Who will put education for it’s citizens first and others second. Who will put health care for the elderly first and the balance of your medisave account second. Who will actually earn the millions of dollars that they are paid and do what needs to be done and do away with the bullshit.

As we move into the next general election in 2016 let us remember that we are voting for the future NOT what has happened in the past, that we are voting for a party that will bring with it the right degree of change to continue to make Singapore a great nation, and if that means some unrest as part of a transition then so be it. If it’s the right party with the right polices in the end it won’t matter.

So, roll on 2016, and let us hope that a new leader emerges for this new age as the world watches and wonders what changes will take place in Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew.