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Friday, May 21, 2010

You are the one Singapore

It's been some time since I posted on my blog mostly because I haven't had the time. But I had to quickly write up something on the fantastic new ditty for the Singapore Youth Olympics 2010 called "You are the one Singapore".

Seriously ....

..... what the hell are people thinking about when they let this one out of the basket. This "Cheer" as the Singapore Sports pages describe it will be seen by millions of people world wide. Is this the best Singapore can do?. I mean when I first heard it I actually swallowed vomit.

The Singapore Sports webpage has this to say about it .....

It is our CHEER. Composed and performed by Singapore’s own JJ Lin, it is one of the 3 numbers specially written for “Cheer Singapore”. Sing it. Shake it. And move with it..

I read that and wondered if JJ had gone underground. I mean having your name tagged to a piece of work like that has to be embarrassing as hell. There's already one spoof of the song up on YouTube for those that want to watch it. It speaks volumes when the spoof has had more views than the original.

And what about the panel who agreed to approve it. I'd suggest they are in desperate need of a lobotomy but it looks like I'm too late on that score. And there's still 2 more "Cheers" to come.

Something to look forward to I'm sure and while we wait well we could always learn the dance moves for "You are the one Singapore".

Oh crap, I just vomited in my mouth again .... oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, hey!