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Friday, April 24, 2015

Singapore's Armchair Politicians

I have to admit to being sick and tired of all of the anti-governement and anti-PAP noise on the internet in Singapore recently. While I can understand the root cause, lets face it when a 16 year old gets arressted and charged for ranting there's something terribly wrong, the point is these same people aren't doing anything in the real world to effect change.

A like on facebook does absolutely nothing in the real world. A comment on facebook does absolutely nothing in the real world. And while at the the time both may give us a "Feel Good" moment for doing or saying the right thing, it's a moment in time that is lost in cyber space without any impact in the real world. None, and anyone who thinks it does are simply deluding themselves.

The elections are next year so if people aren't already reaching out to the opposition parties to understand their agenda's and how they will do things differently and to support them openly then nothing will change. If these same people are not convincing their family, their relations and their friends to vote the right way then don't be surprised when the results finally come in.

Personally I am predicting that PAP will win with a landslide again. Yah, they may lose 1 or 2 seats and give everyone the .... "we have woken up speach, we hear you Singapore"... but it's all smoke and mirrors. They are simply not going to change. Everything they have been doing will continue and everything that they have ignored will continue to be ignored. For each election they have given promises laced with threats about who gets priority for HDB upgrades. Many people will just vote them in as before for that reason.

Many will vote them in because they don't want the pain of change (and yes it will be painful not that it's going to happen of course), and thats just a stupid reason to vote for them.

And if after PAP get elected again I hear one person complain about it within ear shot I'm going to slap them, seriously. Because if they are not working to create change then there will be none.

Say what you want about the late Lee Kuan Yew but he brought change, and without him every Singaporean needs to step up to the plate and be the change that they want to see happen.

So all of you armchair politicans get the hell of your collective butt and do something in the real world to help things change (it isn't going to happen online), be the voice for change, support the opposition party of your choice with the same levels of passion and commitment that the late Lee Kuan Yew had for Singapore, you can do no less!.

And if not, then you all know what to expect, it's really that simple.