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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert on AMA

The kinder question on everyone’s lips after watching the America Music Awards seems to be, what the hell was he thinking. I am of course referring to Adam Lamberts S&M performance of his debut single “For Your Entertainment”. Many people seem to focus on the ....

.... male on male tongue action (some networks going so far as to blur the offending scene to screams of discrimination as many drew comparisons to a certain well remembered girl on girl kiss). Indeed ABC apparently received thousands of complaints which no doubt prompted them to pull his scheduled appearance from the Good Morning America show. It seems to be all anyone is talking about recently. Lets forgot the fact that the performance as a whole was so over the top it was ridiculous, comically so in fact. The song itself was just as bad and wasn’t so much sung as screamed.

I’ll be honest and put my hand up to say that I never really rated Adam Lambert to begin with for exactly that reason, his tendency to scream songs instead of sing them. The only time that opinion changed (along with a lot of others I’m sure) was when he performed Mad World, probably the best moment of that particular American Idol season.

And while I may not be a fan, I’m sure that after that particularly dross AMA performance Adam Lamberts fan base has dwindled a little further. He’s either too self opinionated to care or he's been given very bad advice, either way neither option bodes well.

Time to wake up Adam as you’re a long way from being a star and the road to get there is a rocky one that many hopefuls crash on.

Watch your step.