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Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPod Nano 7th Generation - Epic Fail!

After waiting to see what many people have had to say online about Apple's latest releases it's no surprise to find so many articles with the word "disappointing" in them. They are of course referring to Apple's decision to go back to the candy bar format for the iPod Nano, a direction that many (including yours truly) is not impressed with at all.

It seems as far as the iPod Nano is concerned that Apple have totally lost the plot. The 6th generation of the iPod Nano had become a wrist accessory, loved and worn by many. For the 7th generation expectations where high that it would have bluetooth capability and tight integration with the iPhone for displaying things like caller ID and SMS etc.

But no ..... Apple decided that they would take something innovative with stacks of potential and go backwards instead. Steve Jobs is rumoured to have once joked that soon everyone will wear one in reference to the iPod Nano 6th generation. It seems like the everyone heard him expect the people at Apple because for the iPod Nano 7th generation they have got it so very very ..... very wrong.

They could have taken the 6th generation iPod Nano, made it slimmer, added bluetooth, integrated it with the iPhone for things like Caller ID and SMS. They could even have gone a step further and tightly integrated it specifically with the iPhone 5. Given an estimated 263 million iPhone 5's will be sold the revenue potential was huge. And lets also not mention how perfect an iPod Nano on the wrist with bluetooth capability would have been for the gym and joggers among us. But no, Apple instead went backwards on the form factor and gave us something that we left behind more than a generation ago. Disappointing is almost too mild a word to use.

Apple have really missed the boat on this one not only on the potential revenue side but on the ability to move away from a phone war and starting to sell a "lifestyle". It could have set itself so far apart from its competitors. Instead however, we get a retro iPod Nano that is disappointing beyond belief. In my own personal opinion I believe that the cracks in Apple's ability to innovate are starting to appear.

I've already sent an email to Tim Cook on the above (no doubt it was a bogus email address) but it felt good to vent. For now I'm off out to snap up a couple of iPod Nano 6th generation models while I still can!

And now it looks like the iPad mini is going to hit the shelves after all. Another Apple product that I've been waiting for, and yet another offering from Apple thats set to be an epic fail as well.

And why is that you wonder?

Well if rumours are to be believed the LCD screen is going to be a step backwards in terms of resolution and quality from the current new iPad (or iPad 3 as many refer to it).

Now .... WHAT is the point of that .... I hear you all cry.

Indeed, I couldn't agree more!. Apple you are starting to fail to impress!