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Friday, December 21, 2012

Singapore Airlines Standards Drop!

I happened to fly Singapore Airlines to Bali recently and thought to myself it's been a while since I used this airline. Given its the almost the most expensive airline to fly from Singapore normally I'll end up taking one of the budget airlines, value for money and you know what you are getting. So it was a pleasant surprise to reacquaint myself with SIA ... and of course totally validate my reasons for never not using them to being with .....

.... From the time I first arrived in Singapore and through the years SIA won several awards and there was a time I would fly them religiously because the service and standard of service was impeccable, but then things started to go down hill, most noticeably with the standard of inflight meals (and I'm talking economy here). Food just got bad, cheap, nasty, and is now almost worst that the food you can buy on budget airlines.

For my trip back from Bali I was given a soggy hash brown, tasteless sausage, and dry rubbery omelette with .... wait for it .... baked beans. I mean seriously, baked beans. What supposedly world class airline serves baked beans. I mean seriously! I stared at the plastic tray for a few minutes in shock at what was there. Baked Beans! The things that come from a can at your local supermarket.

Baked Beans, can you believe it. How can Singapore airlines justify its fares when its inflight catering is so bad that they have to open a can of Baked Beans.

I expected more, after all this is Singapore Airlines, the flagship airline in a country that prides itself on the variety and quality of food it has available. Great food at fantastic prices. But Singapore airlines decided to chuck all that out the window and open up a can of Baked Beans.

I won't be travelling Singapore airlines again, I've learnt my lesson. Standards haven't just fallen, they've crashed completely. And whoever in their catering department thought that was a breakfast that was of a standard fit to serve on Singapore airlines has obviously lost the plot completely.

Such a shame really, it use to be fantastic (emphasis on use to be), but alas not any more.