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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Phone Zombies

I have a new hate, and it's something so annoying that I'm sure it's on everyone's list as well. What is is, well may you ask, it's the Phone Zombie. And what is a Phone Zombie, well its someone who walks aimlessly in public while busy staring intently at their phone, SMSing, face booking or who the hell knows what.

They are clueless about where they're going, who they're blocking, that they are getting in everyone's way or even how stupid they look. I mean seriously get a life.They are on auto-pilot with no clue that everyone is having to step out of their way to avoid the imminent collision.

Yes these are the Phone Zombies, the people who can't wait until they are actually standing still and out of everyone else's way before they whip out their phone. No way, for this special breed of idiots the phone never leases their sight. It is a permanent fixture as though surgically attached to their hand.

You can spot them a mile away of course, the group at the restaurant who are all sitting together while busy messaging each other at the same table, or the group at the bar all having a drink together while they are busy uploading selfies and totally ignoring the person beside them. Yes the Phone Zombie is often found in packs despite the fact that they have no social skills whatsoever.

These are the Phone Zombies, and their numbers are growing.

You have been warned!!