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Sunday, November 25, 2007

iPod Touch

I have at last managed to get the time to come back and update my blog and thought that I might as well do a quick write up on my beautiful, sleek and down right sexy iPod touch. And yes that's pictures of the springboard below.

Now I know what your thinking, your iPod Touch doesn't look like that at all. And that would be correct. You see as soon as I got it I couldn't resist hacking it, and after a couple of months of careful searching managed to do just that. It's currently been updated to firmware version 1.1.2 as well.

That may mean nothing to a lot of people so I'll translate that into english. Apart from using my touch for music/video, it also holds my collection of ebooks, and when I get really bored I can use it as Game Boy Advance and play any GBA game on it.

Of course i'll be updating to the iPhone when it arrives here in Singapore, and hopefully by then I'll be able to hack that and use skype and save a fortune on phone bills.

And in the meantime, I'm going sit back and enjoy my ipod Touch.

Ban Christmas Carols

Strolling though the supermarket today I was treated to the nerve jangling sound of the looped tape of Christmas jingles & carols. Now I'm all for setting the mood and the spirit of Christmas, but ...

... how fucking dated is the crap that's being played. I mean its the same old rubbish every year, year after year after annoying year. If I hear Jingle bells one more time I swear I'm going to slash my wrists. I'm thinking of taking all the music and writing parodies of the songs cause I'm so sick of them.

And here in Singapore its even worse. Songs about snow falling and sitting by the fire roasting chestnuts are as out of place as a nun in a whore house. Not only that its played at least 2 months before the actual date and even (insanely so) played as background music in restaurants.

It's blatant discrimination too. I mean we don't hear Indian music 2 months before Deepavali, or the strains of Chinese Opera for 2 months before the lunar new year, festivals that are of equal importance to the communities that celebrate them. Hell no, but come Christmas the looped tape of dated music is switched on everywhere.

I think that what we need is a world wide ban so we don't have to suffer it any more.

As for me its earplugs in and iPod turned on from now on.