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Friday, January 29, 2010

iPad a spoilt apple?

The world has long speculated on the release of a Mac tablet PC and has been holding its collective breath as rumors were hurled around cyberspace on what Apple was up to. Low and behold only a few days ago we all found out as Apple released upon the world the iPad. Has it lived up to expectations? Well in my opinion the only answer to that is ..... Hell No!. Apple dropped the ball on this one big time and here's why ....

.... For all the iPad could have been, a hybrid between the stunningly magnificent Mac OS (back in your box windows vista users) and the awesome iPhone 3GS, all we get for our hard earned cash is an enlarged iTouch almost iPhone kind of thing.

It may have a 1GHz Apple Chip, so speed won't be an issue. But that's about were the good news stops. No camera of any description so no video conferencing which could have been a key selling point. No multi tasking so only a single application at a time. Maximum of 64GB flash drive which wouldn't even be installed on a laptop of PC these days. But then I forget myself the iPad is neither of those, it's basically an enlarged iTouch with pretty much the same features and the same set of limitations (i.e. no flash support).

Of course with a bigger screen you can read a book on it. Yeah folks that's about the only reason for getting one (I can hear the gasps of excitement from here).

This could have been awesome, instead its the biggest disappointment from Apple EVER. Whoever thought this was the tablet PC that the public has been waiting for from Apple for the last 5 years needs to have a labotomy. And that also applies to every single Exec in Apple who nodded their approving head at this release.

It is in short more of an iphhhuuuuttttt than an iPad, a spoilt apple.

Totally useless.