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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Singapore Radio Sucks

Over the last few nights I've been way too tired to remember to bring my iPod to bed and ended up trying to fall asleep while listening to the Radio instead. Huge Mistake!

Generally the choice of music is pretty good on most stations in Singapore but the problem is there's just not enough of it. I mean who the hell actually believes that an add on radio works, and how stupid are they. Radio adverts are just annoying and give people an excuse to change channel.

And what about the DJ's who like to talk between songs. For God's sake shut the fuck up already. Without exception they are boring,uninteresting and talk rubbish 99% of the time. By all means tell me what tracks are coming up but that's all I need to know. Please feel free to use the microphone to pleasure yourself afterwards if you want ..... just turn it off already.

And its even worse when there's more than one DJ as they just spend time trying to outdo each other and the music ends up getting a second seat. The number of times I've switched off my radio in frustration is unreal.

Radio, its just a poor substitute for real music, and in Singapore doubly so.

Now, where the hell did I leave my iPod!

Section 377A

In a recent interview with respect to the Singapore Governments stand on section 377A, a section aimed solely at criminalizing homosexuality, the prime minister Lee Hsien Loong was quoted as saying ... "Our view, as a government is, we will go with society. We will not push forward as society's views shift. We just follow along. As of today, my judgement is: the society is comfortable with our position. Leave the clause (alone). What people do in private is their own business; in public, certain norms apply."

You have to admire the man's stupidity, as if by changing section 377A it implies that guys are going to start humping each other on the streets of Singapore, or that by implication the government or the man himself is even remotely aware of what society wants.

When a government openly and publicly discriminates against a minority section of its own people you have to wonder what message it is actual sending. To me the law has always been about what is right and fair, and changing it when it is obvious that it needs to be changed regardless of public opinion.

A government should lead its people, not follow along like some pet on a leash.

Heel boy, heel!

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Trillium

The Trillium, a development that I am predicting will be plagued by problems all because of the fully sold sign below.

When I first saw the Trillium being launched I thought great, lets go take a look, and then promptly walked away because the asking price was ridiculous. Then a little later I saw the fully sold sign and did a double take, I mean who knew people could be that stupid as to thank God for profiting from material wealth. I mean I'm not religious but even I'm not stupid enough to smack God in the face so publicly.

The more I saw the sign the more annoying it became because its clear that the idiot responsible has no concept or appreciation for the spiritual side of life. Thanking God for turning a profit is totally tasteless, lets all stand on the steps and shout loudly people. Even Christian friends I showed this picture to were disgusted.

So I'm predicting all sorts of problems for this development as a result. Let's watch it together shall we.