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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hollywood Remakes

Dear Hollywood,

I've written before about abandoning the "lost film" footage movie format which is probably the worst movie format ever invented and totally unwatchable. Unfortunately it seems it still persists with more of these absolutely annoying movies being produced. Obviously some people didn't get the memo.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could add a couple more things to the list of not to do's while I was writting afresh so to speak.

Could I ask you to stop making remakes of a remake. I mean the orignal can always be improved upon it's true in many cases, but the remake of the remake (and is some cases of the remake again) just becomes too much.

Lets take the recent Godzilla movie as an example. While I can applud the CGI and special effects, that alone does not make a movie. The MOTU seemed to be based on the creatures from the movie "The Dark Crystal" and just looked stupid. I mean really stupid. And the sound track rather than adding to the tension and building up was nothing short of annoying. Lastly of course parts of the movie were so dark it was almost impossible to see what the hell was going on on the screen. What was the purpose of that, to show the distruction that two huge monsters can make? To make it more real even though it couldn't possibly EVER be real. I mean it was a total fail. Miserable, pathetic.

I could of course just keep going, but there's no point. If you haven't gotten the picture by now then you never will.

So what is it with Hollywood. Why are there so many remakes of a remake?. There are plenty of novels and stories out there that would make an exciting and interesting new movie. But no, instead of people having an original idea, God forbid, we are continually served a remake of the remake. Godzilla, Superman, Spiderman and so on.

I mean get a grip!

It's rediculous.