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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Singapore Airlines, Why's

1:14 PM By Barry Smyth , 2 comments

Having travelled mostly on Singapore airlines for the last 11 years whenever I've had cause to fly (for work or pleasure) I've begun to notice that the experience is not as good as it use to be. On more than one occasion I've been fraustrated and left asking why .......

Why do I always get the seat next to the person who decides to hog my arm rest.
Why do I always get the seat with the least amount of leg room.
Why is there always a screaming baby on the same flight.
Why does my TV screen never seem to work right.
Why is the movie that I want to watch always the one that never works.
Why do I always get the headphones with only one ear piece working.
Why if they can tell you there's turblance ahead they can't fly over it.
Why do I always end up using the toilet after someone's had a dump in it.
Why is there an ashtray in the toilet when you can't smoke anyway.
Why is there a hook for your coat on the seat when there's no space to hang it there.
Why do the seats never go back far enough.
Why does the person behind me always grab my seat to get out of theirs.
Why are the bread rolls always hard.
Why is the food so tasteless (and oily).
Why do they call it a menu when there really is no choice.

Still ..... beats the hell out of walking.

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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    i know why u asked those questions. i take SIA for business trip all the time. i have the same questions too.


  2. I've noticed this increasingly on all airlines. I have speculated that as air travel has become more universally accesible (cost-wise), most inexperienced travellers (perhaps unwittingly) lack the courtesy required to share such a confined space.

    Rarely does a flight fail to make me ask these questions (except for your dump discovery, luckily for me).