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Thursday, May 23, 2013

No More Blaire Witch!

10:26 PM By Barry Smyth No comments

This is a heart felt plea to all those film makers in the world. The Blaire Witch project was a novelty and nothing more. It was also totally unwatchable, and while it may have spanned a gaggle of similar style movies they are also just as unwatchable. I mean seriously do you really expect ....

.... me to spend money to go to a cinema and watch what could have been a good story totally destroyed by shaky camera footage. Just trying to watch it gives me a headache. 

Honestly it's over already, give it a rest, bury it where lost footage is suppose to be buried and don't bring to the light of day again.

 If you need this type of a gimmick to sell your movie then lets face it, it just really can't be much good since the emphasis is on the gimmick and not the movie.

 So please please dear film makers of the world, no more lost footage movies ... without exception they totally suck!

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