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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Singapore Haze

9:14 AM By Barry Smyth , 1 comment

The haze is back over Singapore thanks to a stack of fires in Indonesia with locals there being accused of using fire to clear land for cultivation. The effect of the haze is the worst in recorded history with the pollution index (PSI) reaching as high as 401 on the 21st June, almost twice the recorded previous high. And while Singaporeans shelter behind their N95 masks ....

.... Indonesia has accused Singapore of acting "like a child" over acrid smog from forest fires in Sumatra that has triggered the city-state's worst environmental crisis in more than a decade.

"Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise," Agung Laksono, the minister coordinating Indonesia's response, told reporters. His comments came as an emergency meeting hosted by Indonesia's foreign ministry in Jakarta and attended by the chief executive of Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA), Andrew Tan, got under way.

Of course people are going to make noise, in case you hadn't noticed they can't breath properly. And let's just skip over the fact that a PSI reading of 401 is extremely hazardous to health. What do you expect people to do carry on as though nothing is wrong.

What an idiot! .

And as N95 masks fly off the shelves quicker than they can be restocked and newspapers report that conditions are likely to be with us for sometime due to prevailing winds and the continued dry season in Sumatra, at least some Singaporeans are finding their sense of humour.

And while it may not chase the haze away these youtube "haze "parodies of some well known songs might bring a smile to your face.

Here's some links to my personal favourite song parodies! 
Haze (Parody of "All I have to do is Dream")
The Ex-Factor presents  - Hazy
This is Haze (a Parody by GAG)
Haze gets in my Eyes (a Parody)

And if anyone knows of any more let me know!

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  1. Do not travel to Singapore unless it is absolutely necessary. You will kill yourself with the air pollution.