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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Watch ….. Sucks!

12:55 PM By Barry Smyth 7 comments

I've loved the idea of a decent digital watch ever since the watch strap for the iPod nano mad an appearance so I have to admit to being intrigued by "I'm Watch" and what it promised from their website. That of course was some time ago and my feelings have since moved to ones of frustration and disappointment.

I ordered my "I'm Watch" and paid for it in full and waited. Then for some reason I got a request for another payment which I paid without thinking (stupidity on my part I know). I realized afterwards I'd overpaid for the product and wrote to them explaining the fact and asking for a refund.

Several unanswered emails later I eventually got a reply agreeing that I had overpaid.

At the same time as I got the above reply "I'm Watch" announced that the delivery of their product would be delayed by several months. They sent out emails to all of their customers asking them if they would like to wait or offering them a full refund. By this time my anticipation of their product had dwindled to an all time low so I opted for the full refund.

I wrote to them again (several more emails) asking them to refund me in full including the over payment I had made as well. They agreed. A few more days passed and I got an email asking for my bank details so that they could transfer the money to me. I replied with the details requested, and got an email back stating my previous email was not received (obviously in order to get that email they would have had to receive something from me, right).

So I then contacted their support department with another email asking what happened, and got the same response that my email was not received.

So as a last resort I have left ticket in their support department and that's where currently things are. I've no idea if I'll see the "I'm Watch" or if I'll ever get my refund since the company is pretty unresponsive all round.

Those thinking of buying this product should beware. In my opinion in all of the online purchases I have ever made this is the worst company by far that I've had to deal with .... quite frankly it sucks.

So if you are reading this after being directed here by a search engine before you've made your purchase then don't say you haven't been warned!

And if you don't believe me ....

I waited 7 months for this!
Don't Buy "I'm Watch"

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  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    hi, Im going through the same. But this company exhibited on a very big level in CES show Las Vegas. I have paid for the watch last september. They keep making delays on months with false promises. I think its time to sue them.

  2. Sorry to hear someone else is going through the same pain with this company, but hopefully you'll have better look in getting your refund. Despite several emails abd confirmation of mine i still havent received anything. I guess its a lesson learned not to back anything in kickstarter ever again!

  3. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Well I have one sitting here right now on my desk and i can confirm that $1000.00 later for 2 watches (of which i have only received 1) This thing sucks. The blutooth loses connection every 2-3 minutes, i cant get my SMS messages, the thing operates very slowly, and is overall sucky. The one plus is a very good build quality but with garbage software who cares?

  4. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Same experience - no watch, no responses to emails. This seems like one huge scam. Potential customers - beware!

  5. I got my Imwatch after a 3 month delay.. but it seems to be avery expensive timepiece that does nothing else. I can pair it with my phone but cannot get the phone to connect to their Imcloud server to setup the apps. Any emails to their "customer service team" seems to take 2-3 weeks to answer and then they just suggest a firmware update that doesnt fix the problem.
    I would strongly advise everybody to not buy this product or deal with this company!

  6. Same experience here, no watch, no refund, many open tickets and requests!!!

  7. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Frankly, those who paid a deposit or pd in full have been scammed. All they did was show you a mock up and a few cool graphics.
    Next time, wait for it, touch it with your own two hands before making any purchase.
    U just made someone out there very rich and probably on a yacht with money you paid.