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Thursday, March 01, 2007

THE Kiss

5:03 PM By Barry Smyth 3 comments

Ok, I'm not just talking about any kiss here. This isn't the type of kiss that you would give a relation or even a close friend, and if by chance it is then I seriously worry about you. No, this is THE Kiss, totally and utterly pornographic in nature. It's a kiss that communicates sexual intent leaving no doubt in your mind that all your clothes are coming off.

This kiss is a language all onto itself. It not only communicates intent, but when perfected can even proclaim how long it will be before that intent is to be become a reality. It's the type of kiss that starts with the lips but somehow ends up involving the whole body as you lose yourself to its rhythm. And it has a rhythm of its own, one that rises and falls in perfect synchronicity to the breath of the individuals concerned.

It's the type of kiss that not only inflames passion, but that fuels it until the promise of the next inevitable step burns hotter than the midday sun. It is a kiss that will not be denied. You can try but you will never succeed because this is the type of kiss that accepts nothing short of total surrender and always achieves its goal. By its very nature it can do no less. It is a kiss that ultimately takes lustful intentions and makes them a reality in the most erotic way possible.

It is a prelude, it is the main event and can never be contained. It is the stuff of wet dreams and tinsel town legends that has only one inevitable inescapable conclusion, for once it has begun there can be no other outcome.

It is THE Kiss!

So ........ who wants one?

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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Me want one!

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    my heart palpitated with yr description of the kiss...my breath became more rapid and shallow...the kiss is not about lust, but the intense passion and connection with the other person...where two separate entities unite into one...its the zsa zsa zsu! now, who can gimme that?

  3. Well I don't mean to brag, but .........