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Things I Just Don't Get

The following list is a work in progress and will no doubt change as my own view on life changes as do the collection of things that I really just don't get.

  • Religion (it's the cause of so much trouble which is ironic if you think about it)
  • People who stand still on travelators
  • Cellophane wrapping on anything, it never comes off like they its suppose to
  • Black and White television sets (I just don't get it)
  • Radio's/Music on Motorbikes (what the hell is that about)
  • Motorbikes with the silencer removed (should be a law against it)
  • Visible panty lines (its so unattractive, especially when you see 4 butt cheeks)
  • Mondays (for obvious reasons)
  • Plaid Shirts (unless you're a lesbian in which case I love them)
  • Cowboy Hats (unless you're an actual cowboy)
  • American street slang (unless you're using it on the streets of America)
  • Women who put on makeup with a shovel (there are enough drag queens in the world already)
  • Shop assistants who stalk you as you shop and show you things you're not remotely interested in
  • Decaffeinated Coffee (seriously, what is the point)
  • Wigs that look like wigs (if everyone can tell you're wearing one then why bother)
  • Skinny people who say they are over weight (how much attention do they want)
  • Adverts on the internet (is there no escape)
  • Obvious ear hair (why would you not get just rid of it)
  • Unibrows, use a wax strip for God's sake!
  • People who stand on the right when the sign clearly says stand on the left!
  • Queue jumpers (if there is a God you will all burn in hell)
  • People who use mobile phones in a lift (how stupid can you be ..... there is NO RECEPTION)
  • Junk Food, why would you label a food as 'Junk' and still eat it
  • People who chew maltesers (they're missing out on one of the greatest taste sensations ever!)
  • Thongs (a thin strip of material buried in the crack of your arse for what?)
  • The blue stuff people put in toilets, it looks disgusting and there's simply no reason for it to be blue!
  • People who hog/block the hand rail on trains (they seriously need a few slaps!)
  • People who grunt excessively loudly when having a crap in public toilets (What the hell is with that anyway!)
  • Auto-flush toilets (they always flush at the wrong moment)
  • Excess packaging, save the tress for God's sake (and yes Amazon I am looking at you)
  • Air in a bag of crisps making it look fuller than it actually is (bastards)


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