Rants and raves about stuff happening in and around my life in Singapore

About Me

Life is a journey so make it as interesting as possible. If you'd like to get to know me better you have some options. Read this blog, if nothing else it will give you some insights into what I think about.

Read my poetry, it will provide you with  glimpse into some of the things I care about. Or you could go totally insane and listen to some of my music (which it has to be said is a lose description).

And if none of that works then there's always the last option which is to get to know me in the real world as oppose to this internet shadow. Personally I'm hoping you go for the last option since life is a far more interesting journey when it's shared, but that's just me.

My Books 

I've also written a couple of books just in case anyone out there might be interested in looking a little deeper.  You can click on the images below to preview or order your very own copy.

Absolut Exclusivity features 152 great cocktail recipes that contain one (or in some cases many more) of the many flavours of Absolut Vodka available. Pictures and recipes as well as a guide to the art of mixology and the tips and tools of the trade are all there for your enjoyment, so if you feel like practicing a few cocktails to impress some guests then you will find this book useful.

Dark Lines is a small book of poetry, although I would not call myself a poet by any shape or means. But hopefully some of you will find something of interest in these pages and maybe one of them might resonant with you personally. This book contains a selection of some of my poems covering a number of different topics, as well as images that capture the essence of each piece.


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