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Thursday, October 22, 2015

City Harvest Criminals

10:59 PM By Barry Smyth , , No comments

And so City Harvest megachurch scandal (as reported by the BBC News) starts to wind down after so many years and the accused have been found guilty and are no longer accused but rather criminals in the eyes of the law (one must now assume given the verdict). Although lets be honest as I’m pretty sure the world already found them guilty of bad taste with their Crossover project to begin with, never mind the criminal breach of trust with respect to the $50m.

The whole Crossover project was effectively a scheme to fund Ms Ho's career and spread the gospel through her music. I mean did anyone listen to the trash that Ms Ho actually produced. China Wine and Kill Bill to name but two which are so terrible that I’m still expecting Wyclef Jean to jump out of the shadows and shout out “you’ve been punk’d”. How could anyone of this cults (sorry but I can’t in good conscious refer to it as a church) members consider any of these songs as gospel, or even remotely christian for that matter given the subject matter and lyrics of these two songs along. 

Indeed Ms Ho - who was not on trial is reported to have said in a statement that the church leaders had "placed our faith in God and trust that whatever the outcome, He will use it for our good". And the out powering of “God Bless” and well wishes from this cults members clearly shows a complete disconnect to the real world, which lets face it is pretty much the kind of response you would expect from cult members anyway.

I really don’t understand this cult. I don’t understand how people can be sucked into it or even donate such large sums of money to it to begin with. How does that even happen. Is there a certain kind of individual that is more susceptible to their kind of influence, or so insecure in their own mortality that they clutch at anything that provides them with the option of eternal life (albeit a spiritual one).  And why are they happy to throw millions of dollars at it even though it’s impossible to buy your way into heaven. After all I firmly believe that God has absolutely no interest in material wealth whatsoever. Obviously the cult seems to have a different view on the matter, and people are subscribing to it.  It totally baffles me. 

Do these people openly admit they are member of this cult. I mean if I met someone and they told me they where it would almost be enough for me to turn around and walk away. And you may think that’s a bit of a strong reaction but lets face they have to be so brain washed on any manner of subjects that having a normal conversation with them on social or religious issues would most likely be a strain. 

And while I would never profess to be angel in any shape or form, after all lets face it which of is, I’m pretty certain that there’s gonna be a few refused entry when they knock on the pearly gates. If not for the criminal offences they have committed certainly for their taste in music.

Meanwhile here's a suggested read for you. It's a post by a former member of this cult titled "9 Reasons Why The City Harvest Church is the Devil to Me". Have a read through and see how many WTF moments you have.

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