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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why PAP will win the 2016 General Election

7:20 AM By Barry Smyth 2 comments

There are so many online posts questioning the current PAP governments views across a whole wide variety of topics and issues. And as you read through them, and the many comments people have written, you are left with the sense that here in Singapore there is an strong under current of opposition supporters. Indeed many of the online comments are quiet vocal in NOT voting PAP for the 2016 election.

So how does that impact the current PAP government?

To be honest it doesn’t impact them very much. Probably just sounds like a few mosquitos buzzing around, annoying if anything, but no real world damage.

And that’s pretty much why I am convinced that the PAP will win the next general election in 2016.

Because despite all of this online chatter, as long as it remains online and does not translate into open support for the opposition in the real world then it will have no impact. People need to get off their cyber soap box and contact the opposition party in their GRC to find out how they can help and support them in the run up to the next general election. People need to challenge the opposition to explain their polices and how they would run the country if they were elected. People need to stand up and find their real voice, because it’s only that real voice in the real world that will make a difference. How many have talked to their parents, friends, relatives about voting for the opposition and convinced them of the argument of a need for change.  How many opposition supporters have converted others to be the same. Great that everyone comments and shows that support online, but so what.

Lets be real here. If people are not doing that then no matter how much noise people make online it will have very little effect. In the last general election people voted for the PAP because “better the devil you know” and the change would bring a lot of problems.

Yes, a change in government is going to bring a huge upheaval to Singapore, any transition of power between parties will not be smooth. Any government that replaces the PAP will have it’s work cut out for it in trying to understand the PAP legacy. And for at least 2 years it’s going to be damn messy. BUT in the end if Singapore emerges stronger for that then it is so going to be worth it. And you can expect during that time the PAP will be reminding everyone of how while they were in power everything was so much better.

So, if people really don’t want a PAP government in 2016 then get out in the real world and start making a difference by working with and supporting your opposition parties. And if you are not prepared to do that then you might as well stay silent on the issue because all of those comments online are just noise without substance and useless in forming a new government in 2016.

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  1. Post-GE, it won't be sitting pretty either.

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Obviously PAP would win the General Election in 2016.... as the other parties are far from being able to take over its place. The more interesting question is whether it would gain or lose votes this time round and how many more SMCs or possibly GRCs it would lose. Personally I feel only 1 SMC is in danger of going to WP since the PAP incumbent is retiring; no other districts seem to be in danger.