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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sun Ho China Wine & Mr. Bill

9:15 PM By Barry Smyth , , 3 comments

Lots and lots of news around the City Harvest Church in the papers and online these days as the trial continues. The trial of course centres on Church founder Kong Hee and other senior Church members about the alleged misuse of more than $50million of church funds through sham bonds to fund Sun Ho's (Kong Hee's wife) album.

It was a project the City Harvest Church called the "Cross Over Project" aimed at attracting more people to the Church through the aforementioned album. An album that alas (or luckily) never made it to full production. There are two songs that are available to watch on YouTube, China Wine and Mr. Bill and both are just plain terrible. I mean really really bad. Watching Sun Ho sing Reggae is painful but the lyrics and music are even worst. With lines like "I want to kill Bill, If I have to I will Kill Bill", yeah right on, that's so Christian.

It's laughable that any sane person could even remotely believe that this "Cross Over Project" would ever deliver. Anyone who thought that this was a good idea or a good investment is without doubt not firing on all cylinders (or has more money than sense as the saying goes). And 700K for Kong Hee's air flights alone in one year. Come-on people, wake the hell up. This was nothing more that a man who loved and would do anything for his wife, and had the opportunity to indulge her in her chosen profession. Sadly, her reggae like approach to this particular album is nothing short of atrocious.

But don't take my word for it. If you haven't seen them (and everyone has to watch them at least once to see how really bad they are) the links are below for you enjoyment (and obviously that was me being overly sarcastic).

Sun Ho's Youtube Videos (warning may cause gag reflex)
China Wine
Mr. Bill

The fact that the church in question is reported as having 33,000 followers is equally insane. I mean what the hell is wrong with people, and why would any sane person think they can buy their way to heaven. I mean seriously, God is about spiritual wealth and not material wealth but that material wealth seems to have drawn many to this Church with their tithe and God will return you tithe 10 fold kind of rhetoric.

Forget your dot.com's I"m half tempted to start up my own church, it seems to be where the money is these days.

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  1. /// The fact that the church in question is reported as having 33,000 followers is equally insane. ///

    What can I say? This cult fcuks its members' minds royally...

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Starting a church is like opening an IRAS branch office tasked with collecting 10% income tax from each of their followers ... and somehow some of these monies end up paying for those condos in Sentosa Cove where the church leaders will live in ?

    Why are these so many stubborn idiots or fools to begin with ?

  3. Really? Crossover with these video??? Fools followers