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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Madonna is back with MDNA

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Madonna is back and launching a new album titled "MDNA" which she give the world a sample of during the Super Bowl half time show recently. Yes apart from many songs that have been etched into the subconscious of a generation such as "Vogue" and "Hey Mr. DJ" fans where also treated to a new song hot of the new album called "Give me all your Luvin". Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan but this track is …

... irritating with its schoolgirl nasally chorus cheer of "L-U-V Madonna". And if this is the first single, which you would expect to set the tone for the whole album then I'm nervous about what I'm going to hear when my pre-ordered copy arrives.

The new single features Nicki MInaj and M.I.A doing a little out dated rap in the middle which just adds that extra element of annoyance. I can only hope that when the remixes surface that someone turns this into something more listenable. I appreciate that may be asking a little too much at this stage given what they have to work with but I live in hope.

In the meantime, everyone seems to be praising the song for no other reason than its a new Madonna single with Facebook comments acclaiming "Madonna's back". For an artist that has blazed a trail through the music industry and left us with some startling images and music in her wake this new single (in my opinion) falls well sort of the mark. There's simply nothing new about it, it's all been done before and from an artist like Madonna, forgive me if my expectations are a tad higher than everyone else's, I really did expect a whole lot more.

This new single is simply not Madonna at her best, not even close.

I am still hopeful that the actual album is better and will reserve judgement on that, but so far the first single (which incidentally is free if you pre-order your album on iTunes) has failed to impress me. I guess its a little like time index 3.31 in the Superbowl show below, a stumble before we get back on track.

Madonna's Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show (HD)

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