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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sex in the City 2

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Having followed the series and the first movie it was only natural that I was going to go to watch Sex in the City 2. After all any time there's an opportunity to catch up with Samatha's antics it just has to be taken. And the movie was even better than I had thought it could be. With many stand out moments .....

..... and a whole load of laughs even if you've never followed the series its a movie that you will definitely enjoy.

For me however the stand out moment that had me open mouthed with jaw clashing to the floor was the performance by Liza Minelli of Single Ladies. It was absolutely amazing and one of the reasons that I'll be buying the blue-ray version of this movie as soon as its released. Maybe I'm showing my age and I really don't care. Liza is and always will be a Gay icon of epic proportions the heights of which others (such as Madonna and Beyonce) can only ever dream of.

Liza, if by some strange quirk of faith you read this (laughs insanely at such a preposterous idea) you are totally awesome and should you ever visit Singapore lets go out and paint the town red together!

Ok, back to reality .....

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