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Friday, September 26, 2008

Singapore F1 Sucks

10:47 PM By Barry Smyth , 4 comments

The roar of the engine, the exciting atmosphere were all there so I'm sure there'll be many people who disagree with the title of this post, but from a purely personal perspective I have to say that I was totally disappointed with the Singapore F1. Needless to say its not my taste anyway, but I decided to be there for this historic event, and quite quickly began to wish that I had stayed at home and watched paint dry. The problem with the whole thing was that ....

.... it was so poorly organized it was actually laughable. The entry gates should have had a sign above them that read Abandon all hope ye who enter here as once you got inside it was absolute bedlam. There was no signs so no-one knew where the hell to go, and piss poor crowd control to boot. People just stopped were they wanted to blocking stairs and passage ways leading to huge throngs of very unhappy people with lots of pushing and shoving.

The little police presence that was there was totally ineffective and just basically stood there as the crowd surged around them since there was bugger all else they could do, they even looked overwhelmed. The tickets advertised no outside food/drink there's plenty there, well that was a gross understatement as well.

On top of that the only view you got to see was of a fence. Forget about bringing a camera since it was of little use. Even if you had a high speed shutter you still only got to take a picture of fence, and thats assuming you could nudge your way in to take one since everyone was standing in front of it and blocking the view anyway.

Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh because my expectations were set so high after all the hype. But for me it seemed a totally laughable event, especially for something of such a high profile.

Lets see if they do better next year, but I won't be rushing out to buy tickets.

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  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    sounds bad. my friend also comments the same. Fortunately i didn't join him.

    ~october sky~

  2. It was an experience that much is true, just not a very positive one.

  3. Anonymous11:34 PM

    You are right. Hope Singapore can do better next time. :)

    ~october sky~

  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Back in Malaysia, I resisted the temptation to watch it live even though was offered free tickets. Watched every single race on my little TV with slow-mo, commentaries and different all angles. Someone may beg to differ, but I love my comfy couch too much. :p Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, Ferrari just can't refuel for nuts! Use the lollipop for god sake!