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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Propaganda in Hong Kong

6:44 PM By Barry Smyth , No comments

As nightclubs go, Propaganda in Hong Kong always seems to be one of those clubs that people tend to rave about. I'm not sure why because the place totally sucks, and that's on a Saturday night even ....

Firstly no-one gets there before 1am which means basically that no-one really cares about the place that much. Inside its pretty alright as far as the layout goes, but the music that is played is totally and utterly crap. Seriously, whoever is spinning there needs to be taken outside and slapped around a bit because he/she's totally lost the plot.

By 2am the dance floor was starting to fill up with people standing still and swaying because there was no way they could dance to the crap that was being played. It was kind of like the worlds worst ever jazz style dance music, just plan fucking terrible.

Avoid this place like the plague, its a total insult to the gay community. I think people only go there out of habit at this stage because there sure as hell isn't any other reason to go there.

So much for propaganda eh.

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