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Monday, July 09, 2007

MRT Blues

4:24 PM By Barry Smyth , , 2 comments

After being totally let down by Singapore's taxi service which is the subject of a couple of rants already, I've been waking up that little bit earlier and after my early morning run (mentioned purely because of how torturous it is) I walk the 15 minutes to the MRT station listening to my iPod all the way. Needless to say by the time I get to the station I'm in a great mood which is just as well because it ....

.... all starts going wrong on the escalator down to the station.

There's always some complete and utter twat who insists on standing on the right even though the signs ask people to stand on the left. So those of us who like to walk down the bloody thing are trapped before we've even started the journey. I mean how stupid do people have to be to understand that they are in the way and move their sorry arse to the left.

Next thing to deal with is waiting at the doors of the train. There's always some plonker who arrives at the very last second as the train arrives and pushes their way by you to get on to the train even though you've been standing there patiently for the last 4 minutes for the damn thing to arrive, and take note so far women are the worst offenders.

So now you're on a packed train squeezed up against the doors even through there would be enough room if only people would move down the damn carriage. On the left you're fighting with the idiot who insists on using what little space there is around you to read the morning paper, to the right is the other idiot who leans against the bar so that those around him have nothing to hold on to. If front of you is the women who keeps adjusting her shoulder bag and smacking you in the nuts with it at every opportunity, while behind you is the person who can't spell deodorant. And then the doors open at the next station, and yes even though you couldn't squeeze a knat's arse in there is always one bastard who shoves their way on stepping on your feet in the process. If the fucker was blind deaf and dumb there'd be some excuse.

And then you arrive at your station and its as though the train having swallowed up all these people finds them not to its taste (understandable in some cases) and vomits them all out. Naturally you are now in the way of this stampede and either go with the flow or get trampled on.

So how was your Monday!

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  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Ah isn't Singapore living such bliss? And People ask me, being a Singaporean once, whether I miss Singapore?

    Only for the convenience of a quick zip to Bali, Hong Kong or Thailand...there isn't much to brag about. Always found an apartment near work so that I can avoid the general masses.

    I will read on...interesting perspective if only to read about an expat bitching about the ignorant!!

  2. i always wonder who the pain the arses actually ARE on the MRT because everyone i've ever met, or worked with here, have the same problems on there!

    maybe its a secret gang of people who are employed to stand on the MRT each day and act like obnoxious idiots. i can't quite figure out why though.