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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Singapore Bans Madonna

12:16 PM By Barry Smyth , 1 comment

It has just been announced that Singapore has banned the Madonna Confessions Tour DVD, specifically because of the cruxification scene. Apart from imposing their Christian values on society it appears that the censorship board cannot distinguish between religion and art, although I'm sure not many Singaporeans will be staggered by that revelation.

Even staunch Christian strongholds like Ireland haven't gone to this extreme so you have to wonder what message the censorship board is trying to get across, or indeed if this is simply bias on behalf of some Christian members within the censorship board itself.

I’d love to know who makes the decisions and on what basis, after all there seems to be no end of bums and tits on display on all the top shelves across the island.

Madonna, it appears that you may need to have a Janet Jackson moment!

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    Every little thing that you say or do...lala lala