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Saturday, June 24, 2006

China Town

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Nearly every major city in the world has a China Town of one form or another. Some are big and beautiful, others are nothing more than a row of resturants nestled snugly in side roads that one needs to make a special effort to Vist.

Singapore's China Town falls into the big and beautiful category, and is an absolute must visit for any tourist.

Row after row of shop's line every single street selling absolutely everything that you could possible imagine at prices that you would not believe possible.

It's one of my personal favorite parts of Singapore as there is simply so much to see and so much to take in. Not only the shops, and the food but if you're really really lucky .....

You'll run across a street performance of one kind or another like this troup of kids who apart from making a few dollars, clearly enjoy what they do.

From perfect timing ......

To perfect balance .....

To perfect flexibility .....

So if ever you find yourself in a jam as you rush through life, remember that timing, balance and flexibility will always help you through to the other side.

(ok, crap pun but if you think about it a little it actually works).

So if you find yourself in Singapore, and even if you do nothing else there, make sure to come and pay China Town a visit. Your first visit will certainly not be your last!

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